Homogenizing Frozen Sorbets August 21 2013by Dana Smith

If you haven't tried it yet, homogenizing frozen sorbets is a great way to get dessert out of your juicer! We prefer the new Tribest Slowstar juicer with its included homogenizing attachment since we love the vertical orientation and the ease of feeding that comes with it. Our favorite things to homogenize into sorbet are:

  • Frozen peaches. These can be a little bitter on their own, so add some honey on top if you like!

  • Frozen mango and strawberry. Mango is delicious on its own too.

  • ´╗┐Frozen watermelon.

  • Frozen raspberries or strawberries with basil.

  • Frozen Sumo Citrus. For a real treat, try this deliciously sweet variety of orange... when it is back in season in February 2014 :( Don't forget to remove the peel first!

  • Frozen lemon and mint. So refreshing!

Some tips for making sorbets:

  • Add alcohol for smooth texture. A tablespoon of vodka (or a liquor with flavor if you want to get creative!) helps smooth out the grainy texture of sorbets, and prevents it from freezing into a solid block if you are storing it to serve later.

  • Add frozen banana or avocado for creamy texture. If you want a silky, creamy texture that is a little more like ice cream, try adding either of these fruits depending on the flavor you're going for.

  • Chop the frozen fruit in advance. Make sure you can fit pieces in the feed chute before you freeze them!

  • Try some flavor modifiers. A little honey, agave, or simple syrup to sweeten, a little lemon or lime for acidity, or even balsamic vinegar or sweet wine - experiment!