Tips for Creating Your Own Juice Recipes November 03 2013by Dana Smith

We want to share this great advice that everyone should use when experimenting with recipes to use with their cold press juicers. It comes from Darya Rose over at - check out the whole article here.

There's a lot of different ways that you can combine various ingredients to make your own recipes, but here are some guidelines that will help your experiments be more successful while staying healthy, with minimal sugar added from lots of fruit. Darya writes:

  • "Focus on vegetables, but include some fruit. We’ve found that one small apple makes a huge difference in flavor. This is all we recommend so far in the fruit department.

  • Include 1-2 root vegetables–such as carrots or beets–to add additional flavor and antioxidants. We like to include either 2 small carrots (1 large) or 2 small beets (1 large). These tend to contribute a tad more sugar and a nice earthy flavor, adding complexity.

  • Add at least one leafy green vegetable. We’ve been happy with kale, broccoli and chard (currently in season), but others likely work as well.

  • Include one watery vegetable. Cucumber, celery and other watery vegetables help dilute the too-strong flavors of the previous 3 ingredients. This can make a big difference in drinkability, while adding some nice flavor and additional vitamins.

  • Don’t forget a garnish. A small amount of a strong flavored item such as ginger, lemon, mint or other herb can make your juice a real pleasure to drink while adding highly concentrated antioxidants."

Follow these guidelines when you're working in the kitchen to create a new juice recipe and you'll have healthy and delicious juice in no time!