Omega NC800HDS Juicer


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The Omega NC800HDS cold press juicer improves on the design of the classic 8000 series juicers by offering a larger feed chute and more juicing screen area, with an estimated 10-15% improved yield from the same amount of product! The NC series juicers are the most effective horizontal single gear juicers we've found, excelling at juicing a variety of produce.

The pulp outlet control gives you 5 adjustable settings to help juice anything from soft citrus fruit to tougher items like wheatgrass, while the GM Ultem auger and screen ensure long lasting durability.

With a NC800HDS you can also make all-natural nut butters, baby food, soy milk, almond milk and a variety of healthy snacks.


  • Blank homogenizing cone

  • 4 pasta extrusion nozzles

  • Juicing cups

  • Tamper

  • Cleaning brush

  • Instruction book

The NC800HDS juicer carries a best-in-class 15 year warranty.