Omega VRT400HDS Juicer


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With its GE Ultem juicing screen (8x tougher than regular juicers) the VRT400HDS cold press juicer by Omega is ready for any juicing challenge you can feed into its wide chute.

The VRT400HDS remains incredibly quiet and efficient while operating, making it easy to use without disturbing your family or neighbors, while extracting as much juice with its two stage juicing system.

Aside from taking up less space than an ordinary juicer, the vertical design makes it easy to load, with the auger (also made of Ultem) helping to pull produce down into the juicer where the innovative auto-cleaning system clears pulp and prevents jamming.

The optional coarse juicing screen helps the Omega VRT400HDS excel at juicing very soft fruit as well.

The VRT400HDS also features Omega's revolutionary new juice tap feature:

Omega VRT400HDS Juice Tap Detail

When the tap is closed, it holds juice inside the juicer for easy mixing and pouring! This has the added benefit of making the VRT400HDS incredibly easy to clean - just pour water into the running juicer with the tap closed, and let it circulate to clean itself out.


  • Regular dual stage juicing screen

  • Coarse fruit juicing screen

  • Sieve to remove pulp from juice

  • Two 32 ounce juicing cups

  • Tamper

  • Brush

  • Instruction manual

The Omega VRT400HDS cold press juicer carries a best-in-class 15-year manufacturer warranty.

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