Welles Manual Hydraulic Press Juicer


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Looking for juice that's as nutrient rich as that created by the legendary Norwalk juicer, but unable to spend the $2500 on one? Here's a healthy and cheap alternative - the Welles manual hydraulic press juicer.

Using a press juicer like this is a two step process:

First, grind your produce using another juicer equipped with an homogenizing blank. We recommend the Champion juicer as it operates at a higher speed than other masticating juicers, making it easier for it to homogenize large amounts of produce.

Second, process the resulting homogenized (but still unjuiced) pulp in your Welles press juicer. Applying two tons of hydraulic force, the Welles press juicer will extract every last bit of juice, dense with valuable enzymes and vitamins, while generating as little heat and aeration as possible.

The Welles is made from white powder-coated steel and has a stainless steel splash plate. The drip tray is made of a specialized non-leaching plastic designed for use with foods.

Cleaning the Welles juice press is simple: just slide the tray out along with the press plate and rinse it in warm water. Rinse the pressing cloth and store it in the freezer to keep it sterile.


  • Constructed of white powder-coated shell with stainless steel splash plate

  • Dimensions 14" high by 9" x 9"

  • Includes 2 Juicing Cloths

  • Carrying and stabilizing handle

  • ABS plastic tray and press plate 2 Ton Hydraulic pressure

  • Manual Valve to release pressure

  • Handle for use in jack

The Welles press juicer features a 1 year limited warranty on the hydraulic jack, and a 10 year warranty on the frame.

Extra pressing cloths and pre-sewn bags are available for sale below.

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