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Our MOST Frequently Asked Question: What are the advantages of the different types of cold press juicers?

Horizontal Cold Press Juicers - Affordable and Versatile
Horizontal single gear juicers:

  • The most simple masticating juicers, making them incredibly easy to clean since they have so few parts.

  • Generally the most affordable type of masticating juicer available.

  • One of the most versatile types of juicer, able to perform a variety of tasks including extruding pasta, grinding coffee beans and flour, and homogenizing with the appropriate accessories.

  • Great for juicing leafy greens and wheatgrass. If you want to juice lots of softer produce, we recommend taking a look at a vertical masticating juicer instead.

Vertical Cold Press Juicers - Compact and Easy to Load
Vertical single gear juicers:

  • Use an upright orientation to save space on your counter top.

  • The vertical auger pulls the produce down the extra wide feeding chute, making these the easiest masticating juicers to feed and operate by far.

  • Auto-wiping mechanisms help these juicers process softer fruit and produce with a high yield and less clogging compared to the horizontal models.

  • Some models also have advanced features, such as juice taps to hold juice inside the juicer, or homogenizing attachments.

Twin Gear Cold Press Juicers - Thorough and Powerful
Horizontal twin gear juicers:

  • Use two meshing gears to thoroughly shred and press every last bit of juice out of produce.

  • One of the best options available for juicing tougher vegetables and greens such as celery, kale and spinach.

  • The twin gear design is extremely efficient and the quality of juice produced is comparable to much more expensive hydraulic press juicers.

  • They can also perform a variety of other tasks in the kitchen when equipped with the appropriate accessories.

If you want the most affordable and popular type of cold press juicer, buy a horizontal juicer.

Buy a Horizontal Juicer

Our most popular horizontal juicer is the Omega 8006 for $299.

If you want the easiest juicing experience in a compact size, buy a vertical cold press juicer.

Buy a Vertical Juicer

Our most popular vertical juicer is the Hurom HH for $399.

If you want the most thorough juicing possible, buy a twin gear cold press juicer.

Buy a Twin Gear Juicer

Our most popular twin gear juicer is the Green Star Elite for $529.