Champion Grain Mill Attachment


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Attaches to the Champion juicer to grind whole dry grains and seeds into fresh flour and meal. Features steel cutting plates capable of producing flour from most types of grains such as wheat, oats or rice as well as the grinding of coffee beans.

Recommended Dry Grains and Seeds:

The Grain Mill should be used only with dry grains such as wheat, rye, oats, barley, rice, buckwheat, dried corn kernels, millet, quinoa, kamut and spelt. Spelt and kamut may only be run in small amounts at a time, or until the unit becomes warm, as they are very tough.

To press oily seeds such as sesame or flax, or to process almonds, peanuts etc, you can use the homogenizing blank included with your Champion juicer - the Grain Mill attachment is not required.

Does not work well with regular dried beans - this attachment is specifically made for dry grains.